OffTheRecord: Rollercoaster by Two Parallel Streaks

Noise and RoomTone Reduction for this production followed by Audio Sweetening to save this project from being completely discarded.

"Two Parallel Streaks" is an acoustic duo project consisting of Singer/songwriter Tania Chourasia and Composer/songwriter Omkar Potdar.

This project was just one of those bad days for the filming crew. When we first received this project, we had three separate audio tracks, two of which were clearly sourced from the on-board microphones on their cameras. The third was from a seemingly better mic but unfortunately ended up the victim of wind-blasts.

The audio on the camera tracks was wrought with Reverb and had very little highs in the singer’s voice. At SampleCulture we were able to lower the room tone effectively, to a more acceptable level and then add subtle tube harmonics in the high-mids range of the spectrum to add some more air and presence to the voice.

Project categories: Noise Reduction

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