Promised Land (Documentary)

Exposing the inaccessibility to medical aid in Penukonda, a village in Ananthpur, India.

The trailer for 'Promised Land' - A documentary shot at Penukonda, Ananthpur, India.

Promised Land: Where one expects to find greater happiness or fulfillment and feel blessed with a life of peace. Penukonda, a village in Ananthpur, India, strives to live with what it has, while there is very little to live with.


Director Deepak Reddy

Director of Photography Harikanth Gunamagari

Cinematography Mark Chouhan

Sound Recordist, Sound Designer AdityaTB (Sample Culture)

Editing, Colour Grading Harikanth Gunamagari

Re-recording Mixer Sample Culture

Music A White Echo-Atmostra by Jonathan Ochmann and Zdravko Djordjevic

Subtitles AdityaTB

Line Producer Kiran Kumar

Project categories: Mixing n' Mastering, Production Sound, Sound Design

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