Nasbandi (Documentary)

Documenting India's sterilization policies in view of family planning and population control.

The Trailer for the Nasbandi Documentary.
A short excerpt from the Nasbandi Documentary.

For the Indian government, sterilization has always been the most effective means to bring down the population. In the 1970s, under the totalitarian regime of Indira Gandhi,  millions of men were forcibly sterilized; today, 2/3 Indian women using contraception are sterilized. ‘Nasbandi’ tells the stories of four women in a village in Tehri, Uttarakhand – India, as they reflect on their decisions to get – or not get – sterilized.

Parts of the film were shot in wide, open spaces in the higher altitudes of Uttarakhand. The audio recording was saturated with wind-blasts from gusts of wind which the mic wasn’t prepared for. Sample Culture restored the audio by softening the blasts into a milder tolerable wind noise, allowing the voice to be heard distinctly.

Project categories: Noise Reduction

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