Hyderabad Youth Ensemble – In concert at the Ritz Hotel


A Recording of the the Hyderabad Youth Ensemble in concert at the Ritz Hotel (once known as The Hill Fort Palace) in Hyderabad, India. The ensemble performed many popular pieces by famous composers. Highlights include some notable Solos, Duets and Trios performed by the members of the ensemble that covers a wide range of music journey.

Among the highlights, a recording of the Maza’s Duet:


The full concert is available for audition here.

Conductor/Piano Joe Koster

1st Violins Ritu Gopal, Tania Shukla, Anirudh Cholasamudram

2nd Violins Vineet Chaturvedi, Sarika Chennur, Aditya TB

Viola (played on Violin) Niki Shukla, Vrishank Singhania

Cello Eshaan Bhansali

Flute Nicole Connoly

Recorder Noah Michael

Percussion Aditya Bhansali

Project categories: Mixing n' Mastering, Production Sound

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