All Sample Culture Productions audio mixing services in Hyderabad, India, start out brewing in our secret sound studio. Understanding that sound is a delicate and artful creation disrupted by something as simple as a badly constructed environment, we put detailed care into constructing our sound studio. We are very proud of our secret lair, and we are pleased to share its capabilities with others.
Behind a simple and minimalistic appearance, our sound engineering headquarters is a technical and artistic audio powerhouse. Using careful calibration and monitoring, we found a construction that optimizes music, recordings and sound effects. Surrounded by wood, listeners receive a rich live tone and the cutting edge technology provides a thorough breakdown of what you’re hearing and why it sounds so good. Couple that with our finishing tools and programs, and we have a recipe to brew up amazing sounds in the perfect environment.
We welcome you to take an inside look at our audio engineering lair and come test it out. Contact us to learn more about sound engineering in Hyderabad for your music recordings, newscasts, documentaries, independent films and much more.

So let’s get right to it…


Here are some of the measurements we took from the room after it was done. The sweet-spot was measured at ear height with a dbx RTA-M Calibration Microphone using an A-Weighted Curve.


A-Weighted Curve of the Sample Culture Sound Lab.


All the wood gives a nice and live tone but with a healthy RT-60 measurement. What’s better, we’ve even got some sweet LeDe (Live-end, Dead-end) action going in the space thanks to a touch of lightly infused specular diffusion pushed to about 1 metre behind the sweet spot.


Early Decay Time Measurement for the Sample Culture Lab.

Early Decay Time Measurement for the Sample Culture Lab.


… And then there’s a pretty neat 1.2 meter (4 ft.) monitoring environment for the Focal CMS 65s mid-field monitors that offer a smooth and wide sound-scape, which suits almost all Mixing and Post-Production needs. Couple that with a Novation Impulse 61, and a nice bunch of Soft Synths, Logic Pro and Pro Tools and we’ve got quite a few ingredients to brew with for some Sound Design and hands-on Mastering too.

Ooh, and yes, we have some plants for oxygen :).

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