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Sample Culture Productions believes independent art reflects, preserves and improves culture all around the globe. We support indie art through film audio post production and production sound mixing to make independent films, new music, web video producers and other independent artists make their projects truly captivating. Sample Culture Productions offers preferential pricing, equity/profit sharing and other benefits to help make independent art projects possible.
Sample Culture Productions provides a range of services including audio restoration, sound design, sound mixing and sound production to give life to music, effects and the complete soundscape. Audio restoration helps to reduce noise that interferes with your recordings and salvages music suffering from unwanted traffic noises, electrical hums, wind blasts, poor signal and other problems. Sound design allows you to make the imagery real to your audience by crafting fresh sounds to solidify the experience and make it memorable. Mix master services brings the entire mood of the sound together to make it rich and clean, loud and gripping, or whatever atmosphere matches your music. Production sound gives you a balanced audio track and a new dimension for videos and film of all kinds.
Learn more about our audio services and our expert production sound mixers. Make your video, film or other recording stand out and capture new audiences with exceptional audio effects.

Audio Restoration

Noise is everywhere and sometimes you just can’t avoid it.

Whether you are the Amateur Home Recordist, Indie film-maker, YouTube Content Producer, or a Production Sound Guru – you have seen it all. Noise is everywhere and sometimes you just can’t avoid it. How often has it been that a great visual experience is going to be ruined by the hissing, buzzing, and crackling woes of the audio track.

Thanks to the technology at Sample Culture, much can be salvaged and not all hope needs to be lost. Most of the common woes like Unwanted Traffic Noises, Electrical Hums, Wind Blasts, and Poor Signal to Noise Ratios can finally be corrected and end-up saving a great deal of time and resources.

Sound Design

Sample by Sample!

Light-sabers don’t quite exist yet; Neither do the Time-machine, the laser pistol, or Godzilla. But we sure know what they sound like. It is pretty much a global truth now that the sound plays an important role in the Cinema experience these days.

Sample Culture designs fresh sounds that aim to complement the overall experience, using Sampling and Synthesis based Sound design Techniques to arrive at something new. This is where we love to zone out, especially for ambient soundscapes that remind you of starry skies or striking scenic experiences.

The Perfectionist at his best! Outstanding productivity and professional attitude. Hands down, the best work I have ever seen.
Harikanth Gunamagari
Director, Editor / Kala Media Works
Tremendous work ethic and quality output. Can't ask for more! A true pleasure working with Sample Culture.
Pratik R. Prabhan
Freelance Filmmaker
Thank you @smplcultr for our dope sound! We know it's not easy dealing with unwieldy documentary sound... http://t.co/OJS
Annie Munger
Indie Filmmaker / Nasbandi Flim
I was totally blown away... The tunes, the atmosphere, and the effects elevated the film to a different level...
Aditya Pamnani
Indie Filmmaker / Eu4ic Entertainment

Mix n’ Master

Sound : Soundscape : Experience

Sound is abstract. One can rarely define what makes something truly shine in terms of a listening experience. While some say warmth, some say clarity, and then others say its the Kick!

At Sample Culture, it is all about compatibility. Every genre has its unique nuances. An EDM track needs raw energy to come through, but a Jazz number needs Crispiness and Dynamics to translate. The aim is to help translate the mood, emotion and the energy of a song as accurately as possible.

Mixes aren’t just limited to music. Film Sound constantly needs enhancement of Dialogue, Detailing of Ambiance, Manipulation with SoundFX, and Dynamic leveling of the Music Track. A good mix knows when to enunciate what, and stays unnoticeable, without distracting the viewer with bad sonic qualities.

Production Sound

Wrap it in a nice cover…

Great Visuals stand out best when they are complimented with a well balanced audio track. A new dimension is added to complete the experience of a video, and that’s where Production Sound comes in.

Sample Culture helps record pristine dialogue and ambiances that accompany a video experience, right on set using dual system recording. Armed with top of the line gear, Sample Culture undertakes the most challenging of scenarios. Whether it is an interview, or a full film production, good Dialogue and well fitting ambiances are essential to convey the right mood.

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