Timecode 101: What it is and isn’t

So all those years of hobby photography finally came to you and you decided to quit your job and go “Pro Filmmaker”. Who needs film school, especially now that you’ve got the time to sharpen everything you’ve learned and what’s more, now the passion burns like never before. You’ve probably scoured the Internet at some […]

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Hacking Timecode when shooting on DSLR or iPhone

Given the fast paced advancements in tech, DSLR cameras are revolutionizing filmmaking in swarms, and often too quick to keep up with. When millions of content producers out there who have many stories to tell, have made their livings completely on the DSLRs, it can be a bit of a surprise that high end DSLR/Mirrorless have still not […]

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The Sounds Within: 10 simple things that will help you express YOUR sound right away

  The beautiful world of music production comes with its own challenges & confusions like the beauty of a rose garden maze with its talons and dead ends. Like any art form, it took comes twisted, mystical with inexplicable sources of inspiration & further baffling mind-blocks among other illusions of the mind, so to speak. […]

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The Beginning of Sample Culture

Sample Culture was originally dreamed up of something entirely different – but as always, change is imminent! I’m just someone with a fetish for textured sounds, experimenting with things, and then there’s Blues and Rock Music roots that go deep into good old Classical Music. So it seemed just right to bring it all together […]

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