Sample Culture Productions provides professional audio services like audio noise removal, production sound, music composition, etc., to help refine the facets of an audio experience and soundscape like dialogue, music, effects, etc., rich, clean and powerful sounding. Sound and music are essential elements to every project, from music artists to fantasy films, documentaries, and many more. The underlying audio is as important as visuals in creating an immersive experience, and we strive to make your audio not only immersive, but captivating.

We are equipped to handle a wide array of services, with our specialties in noise reduction and unique sound design. We start at the production stage, ensuring an array of workflow solutions for production sound right from pre-production and reach deep into the dark arts of mixing, mastering and post-production to build a wholesome and well-refined audio  audio experience which highlights your project with subtlety and magic. Noise reduction and Audio Mastering puts a finished glow on your dialogue and recordings, reducing the extraneous sounds that take away from the original effect and putting you and your audience right in the middle of a natural, organic soundtrack.

With state of the art recording and audio mastering technology, we are happy to help you solve any audio conundrum and give you a memorable sound. To learn more about these services, Click here or drop us an email.

Equipment and Tools:

The Sample Culture Sound Lab is geared to take on quite an array of work. We believe in a solid digital environment and that it paves a foundation for good, clean sound. Some of the highlights are:

  • ProTools 12 and Logic Pro X Ready,
  • Strong and Reliable Analog-Digital Conversions with Apogee One and Duet 2.
  • Focal CMS 65 Mid-Field monitors installed in a 1.2 meter (4′) monitor environment for a healthy sound-scape.
  • Bose AirLink Commercial Hi-Fidelity Test Speakers,
  • Novation Impulse 61 MIDI controller,


  • World renowned Blue “Bluebird”,
  • Shure KSM-141 Matched Stereo Pair,
  • Schoeps MK-4 Cardioid Matched Pair,
  • AKG CK-31, and 32 capsules with Hanging Modules HM1000, for Orchestral and Choral Miking.
  • Shure SM-57,
  • Beyerdnamic Opus 28S,
  • Zoom H6 Portable with M/S, and XY,

Production Sound:

  • Schoeps CMIT5u Lobar Shotgun Microphone,
  • Sanken COS11D Lavalier microphones,
  • Schoeps Mk-41 Hypercardioid, with CMC6 preamp, and CUT60 filter.
  • Shure A89 Windjammer with Rycote Softie,
  • K-Tek123CCR Boom Pole,
  • Sound Devices 788T 8-ch Timecode ready Field Recorder-Mixer, with CL-8 expansion interface.
  • Lectrosonics UM400a Tx + UCR411 Rx, 256 frequency UHF transmitters and receivers.
  • Sennheisser HD 280 Pro Field ready Headphone Monitor.
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