Sample Culture was originally dreamed up of something entirely different – but as always, change is imminent! I’m just someone with a fetish for textured sounds, experimenting with things, and then there’s Blues and Rock Music roots that go deep into good old Classical Music. So it seemed just right to bring it all together and do something that projected Sound Design with musically artistic overtones. So in the inception Sample Culture purely aimed to bring non-musical sound elements with cultural/artistic value into a musical context. The genre never mattered, it is all just an experiment where the one BIG rule was to have cool sounds. So I had this awesome hand-drawn logo donated to me, got myself a domain and just continued tinkering with sounds.



The first logo that was hand-drawn for Sample Culture.


In bits and pieces it all began to come together. There were some really amazing projects I managed to get on-board and just decided to do them  threw in a logo here and there to get people talking. The response I got was overwhelming and give me the courage to go proceed to bigger plans. I’d had it with troublesome bosses by this time anyway. I designed an audio lab for myself, had it built-up and announced audio services which had gained popularity among Indie filmmakers, Musicians, and Ad Producers. I decided to sign up for the TurnMeUp! certification and began to participate with the Pleasurize Music Foundation as a way of supporting Loudness Standards in the Listening Realm. After some good criticism and introspection, I retired the old logo. For the sake of posterity, and a classic touch it now rests in the favicon spot and occasionally resurfaces to mark milestones

By now I was consumed by Indie as a strong form of expression, and there was so much that was yet to be said this way – it was a worthy revolution. To stay in touch with what gave me so much in return, I took Indie art as a worthy cause for Sample Culture to strengthen and add more meaning to the work being done.

Disclaimer: At no point do I claim originality of the concept of creating music from sound samples. There have been many inspiring moments, eager friends, and brain-storming conversations during the first drafts of the concept. However it just came to a point where it was on paper far too frequently and I just decided to go with what was within my capacity as a Sound Designer. That being said, the musical ideas under this concept and their production do remain my original ideas and are subject to copyright protection.


Aditya is an Audio Specialist and Founder of Sample Culture. He has worked extensively with Noise Reduction, Production Sound, and Sound Design for Films and Advertisements, while nurturing roots that trickle down into Music Composition and Production. He enjoys making a wide variety of music that often surface in the Sample Culture Blog, and spends free time nurturing his passion for the Violin. Loves Jazz, Homebrewing, Mint Teas, Fresh ground Coffee and Hot Chocolate.

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