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How does it work?

What does Indie need?

Whether you’re a musician, or a filmmaker, good sound comes from good elements used right.

Audio Restoration

It’s a given.. your budget can probably just get you two lav mics, or you actually just used a friend’s iPhone in the talent’s pocket. Whether or not your budget can afford a sound man, it’s good to clean out some of that hiss and reverb in your dialog tracks.. or sometimes even the persistently honking traffic.

Worlds of Sound

It’s not all dialog. The right ingredients to an immersive sounding experience comes from creative sound FX, and ambiences that make it all come alive.

Mix n’ Master

Qualified and Experienced ears can process audio in different ways, making it sound on-par with professional releases, which separates the men from the boys. Whether it’s finding the right amp tone, and the oomph in the bass guitar, or the sparkle in the film score, with the goodness of a strong dialog track – a dash of audio engineering goes a long way.

Going Pro…

Sometimes, the budget can be right, or the workflow gets complex, and it’s easy for one man to lose the plot in the midst of multicam workflows, EDLs, and timecode jargons. Why not have a sound man, or consult with someone to help you steer the show.

About Sample Culture

… when sound matters begin to matter …

Sample Culture Productions is an audio engineering services agency, headquartered in the ancient city of Hyderabad, India. With top-notch sound design and audio recording expertise, our team gives you amazing sound quality for a wide range of productions, offering one stop subsidised solutions that manage the overall experience of dialogue, ambience, music and Sound FX for Indie films, Documentaries, Commercials, and more. Audio works in the background, setting the stage, allowing the mind to fully experience what it could have otherwise only seen. Whatever project you are working on, quality audio is the key to turning the project into a great finished product.


Sample Culture Productions transforms audio into an experience listeners and viewers become immersed in. To get crisp, clean, polished audio with effects, dialogue and more for your project. Reach out tell us what you are ‘listening’ for.

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